3 Quick and Easy Ways To Help Your Listing Stand Out on Airbnb

AIRBNB Professional Real Estate PhotographyHow many times have you thought about renting out that spare room? Or perhaps your whole home for a month when you’re in Paris (half your luck!). Guess what – you’re not alone, well perhaps with the month in Paris, but not when it comes to renting out your room or home. Airbnb is becoming increasingly popular as the go-to for booking holidays or work stopovers.

The good news is that for every booking, there has to be a listing. With everyone from retirees to young couples dipping their toes into the income-earning potential of Airbnb, it seems that anyone can give it a try. Have room – can list!

So if you do make that decision to walk the path of Airbnb, what do you need to do before embarking on your new adventure – aka business venture?

1. Clean and declutter

Whether you’re listing a room or a whole house, your space must be clean and clutter-free. If you can remove personal photos and items (such as the pottery pencil holder – made by Joe at 4yrs old), then do. Perhaps you could designate a room where you can store these items when you have a guest. Naturally, if it is just one room that you are listing, it should be easy to keep it fresh and free of your families items.

2. Sell your homes unique features

As you would have noticed while trawling through other people’s listings, photography is not the only way to draw the attention of a potential guest. You’ll also benefit from a well-written advertisement, one that highlights what you have to offer that others don’t. Perhaps it is your location that will help you stand out on Airbnb or the fact that your home is a converted barn sitting on 5 acres of tranquil bushland. Whatever it is, make sure your property marketing campaign highlights these features, this will help attract more people to your listing.

AIRBNB Professional Real Estate Photography

3. Professional photography

Real Estate photographers are experts at showcasing the standout features of any space. So it is easy to understand why using one when preparing to list your home is a smart business decision. It is also becoming essential as the Airbnb community grows, and with it, the competition! It’s no secret that this can become a good income stream, all things going according to plan. Therefore it should be treated as such. According to Airbnb, professional photography can increase your earnings by 40% and bookings by 24% – Let’s face it, that makes a professional Real Estate Photographer a must!

So once you have cleaned and decluttered your home, written a standout advertisement, and of course, had a Professional Real Estate Photographer take photos of your home. You are ready to roll!

Happy Selling! (Well, Airbnb listing in this case)


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