5 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Personal Brand – And Grow Your Business

As a real estate agent, you know that your reputation is key to your success. This means, to grow your business, you need to continually work on highlighting your success and building trust within the community and suburbs you work in. For this to happen, you need to constantly work to elevate your personal brand.Grow Your Real Estate Business

In the past, agents could rely on word of mouth, cold calling and letterbox dropping. And while these still play a vital role in growing your business, especially word of mouth, they are not the only necessities of a strong business. It is also essential to have a robust online presence. This is because online mediums are now where people go to do their research before picking up the phone and dialling your number.

So how do you elevate your personal brand online and entice them to call you?

Our Top 5 Tips on How to Elevate Your Personal Brand

Agent Profile Videos – Your Video – Your Brand

The goal of this marketing platform is to showcase your industry and suburb knowledge, demonstrate how you engage with your clients and the community, and most importantly illustrate the value you bring to the table as a real estate agent. This will enable people to see what differentiates you from other agents in your area.

Quality Real Estate Photography and Videography – Shows Your Level of Professionalism

ProfessioGrow your real estate businessnal property marketing demonstrates your success as an agent. Not only will it highlight the number of properties you have sold, but it will also show the quality of the properties you list. Poor quality marketing = reduced trust in your ability as an agent.

Vendor Testimonial Videos – Elevates Your Reputation and Builds Trust

Nothing says “trusted” or “recommended” the way a vendor testimonial video does. Never underestimate the power of a potential client hearing from a past vendor. They can, after all, attest to your reliability, professionalism and success as an agent.

Auction Video – Highlights How You and Your Team Operate Under Pressure

The energy of an auction video, the way it’s filmed and edited, everything leading to the crescendo when the hammer falls and the auctioneer shouts “SOLD”. It’s exciting, sit on the edge of your chair kind of action. This type of media highlights how you and your team perform under pressure, and demonstrates your proven track record as an agent. This marketing Elevate your Personal brandis invaluable.

MMS Video – Differentiates You From Your Competitors

Multi-Media Messaging Service, big name, great results! MMS is a multimedia video message that runs for about 10-15 seconds. Most often, it is the agent thanking a client for meeting with them, attending an open home, or giving them a call to discuss the potential sale of their home. The opportunities to use this marketing are endless. An MMS video gives you a chance to build rapport, build trust, and offer something not all agents provide. It is an excellent point of difference.

Without a doubt, there is no shortage of ways to market you and your business using today’s online mediums. However, don’t be lured into quick marketing ideas.

Take your time, and get it right.

You’ll wonder why you never harnessed these opportunities before!

Happy selling!

The Property Intelligence Media Team


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