A Better Approach in Uncertain Times

Why You Need Virtual Tours and Property Videos

Real Estate Property Video


Like you, all businesses are trying to find their feet during these uncertain times.  Which makes it more important than ever to be fluid within your company. If you continue marketing real estate the way you used to. Then there is a chance your business may not make it through the challenging times we have ahead. So what are your most valuable real estate marketing tools at this time? Right now the industry is telling us that it is property videos and virtual tours – hands down. And we agree.

Real Estate Virtual Tour

Real Estate Virtual Tour

With some people no longer able to attend open homes, you need to offer them an opportunity to “walk through” the home virtually. Providing this will enable potential buyers to decide if they want to organise a private inspection of the property.

Photography alone is unable to provide this. Although still an essential marketing tool, it only allows a room by room snapshot. This is why virtual tours and property videos are both vital for all real estate agents moving forward.

Property Videos

Professional Property Videos have long been a favoured marketing option for most vendors and agents alike, and as the price of a video is no longer out of the average vendor reach, they are being utilised more often.

Property Virtual Tours

Although virtual tours have not been top of the list for marketing in the past, with the new health crisis Australia is facing, they are certainly playing an important role in the new reality of real estate. They are also more affordable than a property video. What this means is that they have become a go-to option for rental properties and sale properties where there is no marketing budget for a video.

As a company, we have seen a significant increase in the use of both of these marketing options over the last 3months, as people move to a new way of showing homes.  By taking the reins and embracing these changes it will make it easier to navigate these new and challenging times.

We are all in uncharted territory, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Stay safe, and happy selling.

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