Are You Making These 5 Real Estate Photography Mistakes?

It’s your biggest nightmare, you paid big bucks for your real estate photography, used the right photographer (right?), and yet the results are not living up to the promise you made to your vendor. Not only that, you have no time to get the photographer back to reshoot the home; and to be honest, you are not even sure WHY it doesn’t have the oomph factor you expected. You probably don’t realise it, but you may be making these 5 Real Estate Photography Mistakes.


1. Booking a photographer with limited experience

Firstly, we know this seems like an obvious one, but sometimes it can be tempting to try and go with the photographer that charges the least; and hey, sometimes these companies or individuals may be OK. But is ok what you are after? This is not how you want to market your property, or yourself for that matter. That’s why it is essential to choose a company whose business is Real Estate Photography and Marketing. Not an all-round photographer, who does not specialise in your industry.


2. Not using a company that offers all the “Bells and Whistles”

The second in the list of 5 Real Estate Photography Mistakes is what a company offers. Naturally, you want someone that can provide you with a full marketing package; photography, floor-planning, drone photography/drone videography, copywriting, the list goes on. There is no point in having multiple companies working on getting your property to market. Afterall one point of contact equals faster turnaround time and a more organised approach; therefore a lot less stress on you as the agent.


3. Putting yourself on too tight a schedule

Sometimes, no matter how great the property marketing company, there can be a difference of opinion when the photos arrive back on your desk. However, any good photographer will work with you to ensure that they get the right shot; so that you go to market with the images you envisioned. This means leaving yourself enough time between listing the property and going to market, that way, you have time to iron out any of the kinks in your marketing campaign.


4. Booking the wrong time – Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

And no, we are not talking about flashes and camera equipment – that is the photographer’s domain. we mean; natural lighting. For instance, at what time of day does the home have the best light? What are its best features? Is it the newly upgraded entertainment area, perhaps the majestic weeping willow in the front yard, or it could be the well-appointed kitchen? Whatever it is, make sure you are scheduling the photos to be taken when the light is best for that property. However, if you are after twilight photography – the current hot trend in real estate – these need to be taken at dusk, therefore you will be tied into a later shoot time.


5. Not checking the house is in tip-top shape

And finally, the last one in the list of 5 Real Estate Photography Mistakes is actually the one that happens most often. Yet, it is actually the easiest one to fix.  Make sure the home is ready to be photographed! As an agent you are run off your feet – appointments spilling out of your calendar- especially now (we all love the Spring Rush!) However, it is important to place a quick call to the vendors a couple of days before to check-in. Is the staging done? Lawn mowed? Pool sparkling like an island oasis? As you may have already discovered, messy benchtops, long grass, unraked leaves or a pool the colour of Shrek all mean additional editing; sometimes leading to delays in going to market (not to mentioned additional editing costs!)

And in the end, all that matters is that you end up slapping a big SOLD sticker on that home. And the first thing to get you there is Wizz Bang photography to showcase the property.

However, don’t just take our word for it.

By avoiding these 5 Real Estate Photography Mistakes, you can take back control of your marketing campaign.

We bet you’ll see the results.


Happy selling!

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