Marketing Acreage – Are You Taking Advantage of Drone Services?

Real Estate Drone ServicesAnyone who sells acreage for a living will tell you that it is not like selling a suburban block. Not even close. For one, when marketing acreage you are selling more than just a house and land. There will often be storage sheds, equestrian paddocks, riding arenas, arable land, non-arable land, Dams; the list goes on.

So how do you capture all these magnificent selling points? Simple, using drone technology, arguably the most on-trend real estate marketing tool of 2019. With real estate drone photography, videography, and flyovers, you can market acreage like never before.

What’s more, with the price tag associated with acreage, it’s no wonder real estate agents leave no stone unturned when planning their marketing strategy — turning to drone photography and drone videography more often than not. Whether it is 5 acres in Arcadia, located in the beautiful Sydney Hills District. Or perhaps 24 acres in Western Sydneys conveniently located Mulgoa, an acreage property requires a different marketing approach.

Real Estate Drone photography sydney

So what is an excellent marketing strategy for acreage?

The foundation of your campaign should be real estate drone photography, real estate drone videography, or a real estate drone flyover.

However, don’t discount the value of a real estate property video and property photography. These will always be critical components in any campaign, and for a good reason. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that the land is often the biggest drawcard. This is because of all the extras that the property offers a potential buyer.

Here is the “lay of the land” regarding drone marketing for acreage, and yes, the pun was intended!

Real Estate Drone Photography Services

There is nothing more memorable than seeing an acreage property from the sky! Drone photography will produce unforgettable images for signboards, print advertising, internet advertising, and brochures; leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers. You can pinpoint local amenities such as shopping centres, schools, main roads, and freeways. This enables you to leave people with a more detailed knowledge of the area and the property that’s for sale.

Real Estate Drone Videography or Drone Flyover Services

Firstly, they are both the same. So whether you call it drone videography or drone flyover, you are not wrong with either term.
So why are they so important, especially on a large property? The answer is easy, with so much green space to capture, you need to be in the air. The benefit of drone videography is that you can incorporate it into a property video, enabling features of the home to be marketed in the same video as the land.
An aerial view of the property travelling from the house, over the landscaped gardens, down to the stables and equestrian paddock, and then looping back up over the storage sheds is something that will not be easily forgotten.

What more could a potential buyer ask for?

If you are not already taking advantage of drone marketing for your sales campaigns, then jump on board. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Selling!
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