Multi-platform social media marketing

Having a multi-platform social media strategy is a must for all businesses; this is especially true when you're in an industry that needs to appeal to the individual consumer, such as real estate.

With the reach of social media, there is the ability to improve your brand awareness, attract active buyers, convert passive buyers, and ultimately grow your sales.

However, managing a multi-platform social media campaign can be difficult, with many social media platforms having different interaction requirements; this is where we come in.

At Property Intelligence Media, our social media marketing team will work to ensure that your vendor's property is seen by broader demographics, across multiple platforms, which will enable a more extensive reach for your campaign.

We will work with you to create a property-centric social media marketing campaign across multiple platforms. These will include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google My Business, and Linkedin. Our team will then roll out your campaign at specific times to ensure maximum reach.

We also know that Performance Analytics is a vital part of all multi-platform marketing; that's why we will provide you with regular analytics reports for your campaign's duration. These reports are also reviewed by our team to ensure that you are achieving maximum reach across all social media networks..