Is using an Overseas 3D Rendering Company Worth The Risk? Especially During a Pandemic

There has always been a quality difference between 3D renders that are done overseas vs a local Australian company.

Yet, due to price constraints, many companies still choose to outsource to these offshore companies. Even though more often than not, it leads to disappointment.

However, due to the pandemic, many businesses are now needing to address how they move forward and continue to survive in this ever-changing global environment.


How has the pandemic changed working with overseas 3D rendering companies?

Communication, communication, communication!

It was hard before; now, it is near impossible.

Sadly, the companies that provide 3D rendering services, for that bottom of the barrel pricing, are all based in India, China and other parts of Asia. What this means is that now more than ever, it is difficult to communicate with them. Power drops outs are a common occurrence, and they are often unable to travel to and from the office safely. And when you have a tight deadline and no communication, what options are you left with if they are offline and you can’t get in contact with them?

Add to this the evident quality differences, which have always been there, and the language barrier; as you would know, communicating complex design changes can often be laborious at the best of times. And you have a recipe for a difficult work relationship.

Then finally, if or when the render is completed, the disappointment in the final result. Which is often coupled with the inability to get necessary changes made in a reasonable time, if at all!

This is when an Australian company comes into its own. People here, locally, on the ground. Clear and accessible lines of communication. High-quality work. Quickly made changes, if and when they are needed. And, of course, reliable turnaround times.

Ask yourself; What is your long-term business goal?

Usually, it is longevity and success in your industry. Which you can achieve when you have a good reputation. A good reputation leads to repeat business and positive word of mouth in the community. The best way to accomplish this is by providing quality marketing material in the committed timeframe.

To do this, you need to surround yourself with people and companies with the same business goals. And, most importantly, know if they can honour the commitments they make to you as their client.

How do I justify the price difference?

Quality and reliability, you get what you pay for when it comes to 3D Renders.

When you commit to doing something for a client, you want to follow through. Working with an Australian company means this is achievable.

The only so-called “advantage” when using an overseas rendering company is that they are cheap. But is cheap what you want to put out to market? I am sure that is not the reputation you or your client are trying to achieve.

Don’t risk losing a sale, or worst a client, to poor quality 3D Renders.


Happy selling!

The Property Intelligence Media Team


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