Real Estate Marketing – Why Video is so Important

And 5 Real Estate Video Marketing Tools you Need to be using Now!

As anyone in the real estate industry knows, a property video is an important part of every marketing campaign. If a property doesn’t have that WOW factor for a potential buyer, you could have real problems getting them to the open home.

Great photography plays an integral part in making that first impression. But a video can get the property over the line.

As a professional agent you would know, when you add a video to your web advertisement or email, it can increase the click-through rate substantially. Which will more often than not lead to increased foot traffic through your open home.

As we are learning videos are crucial in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven market. Most buyers have access to, and regularly use a variety of social media platforms. Therefore making it easier to deliver information to them via video anytime, day or night.

At Property Intelligence Media, we specialise in many forms of property and agent video production. The types of videos our clients find the most effective are:

1/ Property Video

A property video is a great way to convey the story of a home. Not only does it highlight the unique features of the property, but it will also help a buyer to understand how it would feel to live in the space. Adding to that, it has the ability to showcase some of the features of the suburb, such as schools, shopping centres, parks, or other community features.

2/ Agent Profile Video

As an agent, your image and reputation are pivotal in your success. An agent profile video is an opportunity for you to promote yourself; this type of video conveys a more human side. It allows your clients or potential clients, to get to know you on a more personal level. When you can create this kind of connection, it helps cultivate trust. You will find this is also the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your proven sales record and experience in the industry.

3/ Auction Video

An auction video is an excellent tool, which will showcase you and your team in an auction setting while highlighting your level of professionalism in a high-pressure situation.
An auction video will promote you – the agent, showcase the home and take the viewer through the set-up for the auction, the auction process, and the success of the sale. It can also lead to a vendor testimonial, which will further highlight your professionalism and success rate as an agent.

4/ Vendor Testimonial Video

A vendor testimonial is another way for you to build trust with a potential client. Most vendors will want to look at past sales before they decide on whether they should list with you. A vendor testimonial allows them to hear from a previous client who’s home you have sold; this is the best kind of reference you, as an agent, can have.

5/ MMS Video

An MMS video is a short video, usually approximately 10secs. This video can be sent via SMS and can be used to thank someone for the opportunity to meet with them or thank them for attending one of your open homes. The great thing is, this type of video can be used to provide any information to clients or potential clients via SMS.

As an agent, you already know there are many different marketing materials that make up an award-winning sales campaign, video plays such a large part in this.


Happy Selling!

The Property Intelligence Media Team

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