Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Real Estate Photographer?

Camera taking photoIn today’s competitive market Professional Real Estate Photos are the number one tool in the Real Estate Agents tool belt. Great photos drive higher click-through rates, which will inevitably increase your open home traffic. This means you need a great Real Estate Photographer and you need to maximise your time with them.

So are you getting the most out of your Real Estate Photographer?

Time is of the essence

When it comes to Real Estate Photographers – Time is of the essence. Most of them will have back to back jobs booked throughout the day. What this means, is that your booking will have a start and finish time. In other words, if the photographer arrives and needs to spend time preparing the house before they begin, this is taking away valuable time they could be shooting.

So, what can you do about it?

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to maximise your photographers time:

1. Tidy the exterior of the home

Be sure to move anything and everything that you or the vendor don’t want in the external photos. Be that cars, boats, caravans, kids bikes, pool toys, rubbish bins – the list goes on! If you don’t want it to feature in your campaign, then find another place to store it for the day.Real Estate photography - Manicured lawn

2. Declutter all benchtops and vanities

Make sure that the bench in the kitchen has been cleared of everything possible – bills, small electrical goods, kids lunchboxes, the dead vase of flowers – remove it all.
Clear and clean all the vanities in the bathroom – remove all the kid’s squeaky toys; trust me, they won’t help sell the house!
As an Agent, you know that the kitchen and bathroom are major selling points for any home, making it essential to have them clean and clutter-free. You don’t want your photographer having to clean a kitchen or bathroom before they can photograph it – this is valuable time lost.

Real Estate Photography - Clutter Free Kitchen

3. Arrive on time for the shoot

We all run late at times; it is a hard thing to avoid, especially in major cities. Therefore make sure you leave yourself enough time to arrive at the photography appointment on time. Perhaps even arrive 15 minutes early, to make sure the vendor has carried out the preparations required. If you leave the photographer waiting outside the home because you are running late, it is certainly not the best use of their time. Often resulting in a rushed and stressed shoot, as they know there is another appointment they have to get to after yours.

Your goal is to go to market with the best marketing photos for the vendor. If your finding that you are not getting the most out of your Real Estate Photographer, then try to implement a few small changes. This will enable you to make the most of the photographer’s time. Therefore resulting in the best marketing photos for you, and your vendor.

Happy Selling!


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