Virtual Furniture, The New Staging!

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The marketing of real estate has really evolved over the last decade. Various techniques have made a strong impact on how property is marketed. One of these includes real estate staging. These changes have also altered the way sellers, buyers and agents approach selling or buying a property. These days they are much more likely to do their due diligence via the internet before even picking up the phone and calling an agent.

Because of this, it makes the first impression in a marketing campaign even more important than ever.

What attracts a buyer?

So what are some of the main qualities that attract a buyer? Well we certainly know that seeing a property furnished makes a big difference, it gives a potential buyer the ability to see how they could utilise and live in the home. An empty room can often make it hard for someone to see the potential for space. In the past agents and sellers have spent big money staging a home so that they can show it in a more favourable way, and this is fantastic, staging is an amazing tool in real estate marketing, but, it is also a very expensive tool. So what if you don’t have the funds to outlay on professional real estate staging? Well, that is when virtual furniture becomes a fantastic option!

With virtual furniture, you can choose furnishings to suit the space. These include, but are not limited to, rugs, wall hangings, lounges, dining settings, coffee tables and so much more.  In fact, everything can be included when furnishing a home with virtual furniture. Once the photographs are taken of the home. Then edited to get the perfect lighting. They are given to a graphic designer who can begin to furnish the rooms.

When the virtually furnished property is listed on the internet it will certainly catch the eye of more potential buyers than an empty property. There is such a big difference between buyers seeing an empty space. Or seeing a perfectly decorated room, there is just no comparison between the two.

Virtual Furniture for developers

This fantastic tool can also be utilised by developers.  They can use virtual furniture combined with 3d renders​ to ensure that their development is shown furnished and with the colour schemes and fixtures that they are using for their development. Again it makes a big difference when you are able to show a potential buyer or investor how a property will look completely finished and furnished.

We have to remember, it is really important to catch a buyer’s eye the first time they do an internet search. It is very easy for them to just keep scrolling down to the next property if you do not give them a good reason to stop and look at yours.  The difficult thing is, you often only get one chance to catch their eye. Otherwise, the next time they do a search they will remember that your property didn’t interest them the first time. So why would it now!

You may be asking, what happens when they arrive at an empty property? Well, don’t forget they already have an idea of how the home will look from the virtual furniture images. Plus buyers will tend to refer to back to those images if they are struggling to visualize how it will look when furnished.

Virtual furniture is a very cost-effective and beneficial tool for all sellers and agents. It is the best way to furnish a property without spending thousands of dollars on a professional staging company.  Although staging will always have a place in property marketing. This is because it is a fantastic tool, sometimes virtual furniture is a much better and more affordable option.