What’s Your Real Estate Marketing Plan for 2020?

Here we are, another new year and what’s more, A NEW DECADE! Are you busy running around putting together a new real estate marketing plan for 2020? Hopefully, you are, and if you aren’t then you really need to consider doing a “health check” on your current go-to-market strategy.

So that considered, what’s your real estate marketing plan look like for 2020?

Will you focus on offering competitive advertising rates? Enabling you to attract potential vendors with low-cost marketing packages.

Perhaps you plan to concentrate on value-add,  drawing attention to your multi-platform digital presence, thus highlighting a large number of qualified buyers you already have looking for properties in their suburb.

Or are you going to focus on providing vendors with marketing material that allows maximum exposure for their property? Eye-catching and engaging photography, drone photography, or drone videography that showcase a property using industry-leading digital marketing?

Real Estate Marketing 2020I imagine your trying to achieve all these things. This is why it is essential to find a photography company that can meet all your expectations. If you don’t have one yet, then find one. Make that your first priority for 2020.

But how do you track down this new Wizz-Bang Real Estate Photography company? One of the significant advantages of today’s digital-focused landscape is that you can find anything through a quick online search. Once you have narrowed down your options to a couple of companies you believe can meet your business needs, trawl through their Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube pages. Any professional real estate photography company will have a substantial portfolio for viewing.

If you are happy with what you see on their social media, then it is time to ask some important questions.

Top 5 Questions you need to ask:

1. Do they specialise in Real Estate Photography and Videography?

Only a company that specialises in real estate will know all the right angles, lighting, and have the correct equipment to produce the best digital marketing material. They will also have an understanding of the requirements for online and print advertising.

2. Do they have a set pricing structure?

Some companies packages will vary depending on the number of photos taken and edited, or even the size of the house (single/double storey). It makes it much easier at a listing appointment to have a set marketing cost, rather than having to vary it from house to house.

3. What is the turn-around time?

With more photography and videography being sent overseas for editing, it can cause delays in turn around time. You need a company that has locally based full-time editors. This means they will be able to provide a faster turn-around time and higher quality images.

4. Does the company cover all aspects of Real Estate Property Marketing?

You want a one-stop-shop! Can they provide all the marketing services that you require? Photography, Videography, Twilight Photography, Drone Services, Virtual Furniture, Copywriting

5. What are their payment terms?

It is important to understand upfront what their payment terms are; then you won’t be caught out when the invoice arrives.

Don’t miss the opportunity to start the new year and the new decade with a winning marketing strategy that includes killer Real Estate Photography and Real Estate Videography.

Make the change and start reaping the rewards today.

Happy Selling!

The Property Intelligence Media Team


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